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«PORTUGAL from A to Z»

Don't miss the opportunity to explore the stunning scenery, vibrant culture, and rich history of Portugal! Book your tour now and immerse yourself in the beauty and charm of this wonderful country!

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Day 1

Sightseeing tour of Lisbon (LISBOA 4H)

Acquaintance with the capital begins with the most beautiful observation deck Eduardo VII, where the monument is installed, which tells about the main changes in the beautiful city during its existence. The great spirit of the city captures so much that imperceptibly, we are transported to the 15th century. For a moment, we become accomplices in the events of the “era of maritime discoveries”, especially when we are before the vow of the Virgin - the Hieronymites Monastery (Mosteiró de Belém) in the Belém region, where Vasco Da Gama himself rests with the rulers. Belleny Tower (Torre de Belém) - a formidable fortress, customs, and later a prison in the 16th-17th centuries. Let's continue our acquaintance with the era of marine geographical discoveries in the faces imprinted in stone and creating a monument to the discoverers (Padrão dos Descobrimentos), headed by Prince Henry himself. Picturesque landscapes and the grandeur of the country - that's all Lisbon!The tour starts at Lisbon Hotel at 00:00 (to be specified).Entrances to the monuments: not provided.Lunch is not included in the program.

Day 2

Sintra - Cape Roca - Riviera 8 hours (SINTRA-CABO DA ROCA-RIVEIRA 8H)

Fascinating Sintra is, at first glance, just a mountain in the suburbs of Lisbon, but for those who visit it, it becomes forever a corner of paradise here on Earth. This picturesque park complex is a UNESCO monument, where the summer residences of the kings of Portugal and noble merchants of Europe of the 19th century have been preserved among centuries-old trees brought by all seafarers.Optionally, we offer you to see the Regaleira Family Manor - a tangle of Freemasonry led by Dante Alighieri that makes you think about everything worldly ... and on the way, to the place where the planet draws the outlines of the horizon - calmness, pleasure, and strength of the Atlantic breathing in the face - the western point of Europe - Cape Roca. Return to Lisbon through the resort towns of Cascais and Estoril, which are almost seven centuries old.The tour starts at Hotel at 8:30Entrance to the monuments: Quinta Regaleira 11 € per person, Palácio de Pena 14 € plus 3 € transfer (if you wish, you can climb on foot).Lunch is not included in the program.

Day 3

Obidos - Nazaré - Alcubasa - Porto (ÓBIDO -NAZARE-ALCOBAÇA-PORTO 8H)

Obidos is a medieval manor that has been, since time immemorial, the property of every queen of Portugal. It is here that you can enjoy the Ginja cherry liqueur and visit the 6th-century church, which was painted by Josepha Obidoska, a famous artist living in this small town. We follow further and visit the church of the monastery of Alcubas of the 13th century - a masterpiece of early Gothic and UNESCO heritage, where the ashes of a fatal couple of lovers - King Pedro I and the noble lady, the beauty Inessa de Castro, rest in the most beautiful carved Gothic tombs.Check out from the hotel.The tour starts at 08:30Entrance to the monuments: Alcubassa Monastery 8€Lunch is not included in the program.After the tour - check in at the hotel in Porto.

Day 4

Porto (PORTO 5H)

Let's start the morning with the most beautiful view of the North Atlantic from the record holder's bridge - Ponte Arrabida, through which we will get to the city center, where we are waiting for the main masterpieces of the Baroque of Portugal: the Clerigos Tower and Church, the Church of Cartu and St. Clara, the Church of St. Francis. Cathedral, walk along the steep banks of the river Duouro, the oldest area of Pena Ventoso. We will finish the main program of exploring the city of Porto in the old tradition of receiving local merchants with a tasting of Porto wines from GRAHAM’S, or COCKBURN’S, which will amaze the sophisticated (tasting of three wines costs 35 € per person).The tour starts at Hotel at 09:00Portuvine wine tasting - 35€ (three wine tasting)Cruise under SIX BRIDGES - 15€We recommend Lunch at the restaurant "Ponte de Pedra" (traditional cuisine of the north of Portugal). Price 18 € per person, or at the discretion of the guests a restaurant on the oceanfront.Lunch is not included in the program.

Day 5

Guimarães - Braga - Bon Jesus (GUIMARÃES- BRAGA- BOM JESUS 7H)

Braga is the first bishopric of Portugal, an extraordinarily beautiful city, richly decorated with granite baroque sculpture, with numerous churches and fountains. This is a small Paris on the Iberian Peninsula. The city with the most churches in Europe per square kilometer. Visit the sanctuary of Bom Jesus da Monte (Bom Jesus da Monte) with a majestic staircase. A unique hydro funicular, built by Riggenheim in the 19th century and which became the prototype of all Lisbon lifts, also leads to the mountain. Guimarães "Cradle of the Nation" - the first capital, where, according to the inhabitants of the country, the Portuguese nation was born, as well as the first king Afonso Henriques the First.The tour starts at Hotel at 08:30Entrance to the monuments: Cathedral 5 €, Guimarães Castle 5 € per person (optional).We offer Lunch at the restaurant "Centra de Bom Jesus" (traditional cuisine of the north of Portugal, goat or veal). Lunch is not included in the program. Price per person 20€.

Or choose from this tour:
Douro Valley - the gold of Portugal (Douo 8 H)The creators of the wine culture in Portugal were the Greeks. Yes, we are talking about wine. But not only about wine but about a masterpiece created by man and nature - PORTUVINE or Porto. But this wealth is stored and sold in the city of Porto, but it grows in the unique Douro Valley. Created by nature with an unusual climate, and unique landscapes: the slopes of the mountains descending to the river are strewn with many terraces on which grapes and olive trees grow. Views can be enjoyed endlessly, both from the banks of the river or from the tops of the hills, and from the board of a yacht or pleasure boat. "Vinho de Porto", is known to us under the name "port wine". Well, how about a tasting? She will be! In September-October, the process of processing the grape harvest takes place: sorting, crushing, and fermentation. Back in 1756, the Marquis de Pombal demarcated this region in 2001. The Alto Douro Wine Region was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.The tour starts at Hotel – at 08:30Wine tasting Portuvine - 15€Entrances to the monuments: not provided.Lunch is not included in the program.


Day 6

Aveiro - Cumbra (Aveiro - Coimbra 8H)

Portuguese Venice with its boats and canals. The city was first mentioned in 959 under the Latin name Aviarium. In the XVI-XVIII centuries. the cities were owned by the dukes of Aveiro, descendants of the Infante Georges. We will also try the famous OVOS MOLES sweets. Next, we will move to the First Capital, sung in song and true stories - Quimbra. Visit the XII-century University and its library (BIBLIOTECA JOANINHA). The Joanina Library in the Baroque style, the Chapel of St. Michael the Archangel, and the ancient halls of the 17th century. with portraits of all the kings, where unusual academic ceremonies take place today. Panorama of Mondego from the courtyard of the Renaissance Episcopal Palace. The most stately Romanesque cathedral in Portugal is Se Velha. Quebra Kostas, gates of Almedina and Ferreiro Borgia - the old city. Church of the Holy Cross, where the ashes of the first kings of Portugal are buried.The tour starts at Hotel at 08:30Entrance to the monuments: walk-in Moliseiros 15€, University 15€We offer Lunch at the restaurant "Dom Espeto" in Coimbra, a dish of Chanfana - goat in red wine. Price 18€ per person.Lunch is not included in the program.

Day 7

In the footsteps of the Templars (MARVAO- ALMOROL- TOMAR 8Н)

Almurol Castle. The first rocky islet (llhota do Rio Tejo) was chosen by the Lusitans, realizing that military fortifications in this place would be useful in terms of control over the waterway inland. Visiting the Monastery of the Order of Christ, shrouded in secrets, a Manueline masterpiece, and the fortress of the Templars of the 12th century, which are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A visit to the oldest synagogue in Portugal of the 15th century, donated by Henry the Navigator to the Jews of Tomar at the beginning of the 14th century.The tour starts at 09:00Entrance to the monuments: Convento de Cristo 8€ per personWalk to the fortress on a boat for 6€ per person (to be specified)Lunch is not included in the program.As an alternative - Lunch at the restaurant TABULEIROS (traditional Portuguese cuisine RIBATEJO, Rice with seafood and shark and Black pig cheeks) or a medieval style restaurant, with recipes from that period of cuisine, that is, without potatoes ... Taverna Antígua.

Day 8

Picturesque scenery of the Arabida Mountains (PONTE 25 DE ABRIL- CRISTO REI- ALMADA- AZEITÃO- SERRA ARRABIDA- SETUBAL- 8Н)

The region of the Setúbal Peninsula is a unique place with a unique climate, where the purple grapes brought by the Greeks, along with local vines, delighted the rulers and all gourmets of strong wines. How not to be tempted and not to taste Muscat (Moscatel) wine? We offer optionally since Portugal is famous for its tile products - to hold a small master class in the workshop of specialists in the manufacture of azulejo tiles. A short stop in Setúbal to admire fresh fish caught only in the Atlantic and, if desired, taste the famous fried squid from Setúbal. In conclusion, a visit to the statue of Jesus Christ (Cristo Rei) is the only place where you can see the whole of Lisbon.The tour starts at Hotel Lisbon – at 08:30Entrance to the monuments: tasting of six wines costs 15€ per personOptional Christ statue lifts ticket 6€.Lunch at the Ancora Azul restaurant (fish rodizio). The price is 18.50 € per person, lunch includes a glass of 0.25 ml. sparkling wine, or a bottle of beer of 0.25 ml or water 0.25 ml, or a glass of 0.25 ml juice, the rest of the drinks for an additional charge.Lunch is not included in the program.

Day 9

Evora - the pearl of the Alentejo (PONTES VASCO DA GAMA- EVORA 5Н)

Departure from Lisbon across the most beautiful bridge-record holder Vasco Da Gama (Ponte Vasco Da Gama), 17 kilometers long, which is a vivid example of the skill of Portuguese engineering and a beautiful addition to the famous Oriente area. The Alentejo region has always been the breadbasket for all the rulers and settlements that lived on the territory of Lusitania - all these gifts accompany us on the way to the city of Evora: vines, olive trees, orange plantations, sheep, cows, and legendary horse breeds Lusitana. The city of Evora itself deserves great respect because it has always been royal, surrounded by three rings of defensive walls, hiding the Basilica and the chapel. Walking around the city, we pass the estates of famous families who took part in the birth of Portugal and all this did not go unnoticed by UNESCO, which added Évora to the world heritage more than thirty years ago.The tour starts at Hotel Lisbon at 08:00Entrance to the monuments: Chapel of St. Francis 6€, Basilica of Evora 4€Lunch is not included in the program.

Or we offer a tour of your choice:
Mafra - Ericeira Atlantic coast (MAFRA-ERISEIRA 5H)The palace and monastery at Mafra were conceived as a haven for Franciscan friars and only 33 people, but the ambitious king of Portugal, who received a fortune from Brazil, enlarges the project to gigantic proportions, which represents the typical luxury of the day of the Portuguese Empire before the invasion of Napoleon. Built-in the early eighteenth century in gratitude for the birth of an heir, the king plans his inauguration on his birthday. Don Juan V in the royal palace and its halls collects a unique library, a marble Basilica with six organs, each of which was written by famous composers of our time. This great project was so ambitious that most of the craftsmen continue to work until now next to Mafra in the processing of marble and granite. Snack time pleases us Sausage is baked in bread with homemade wine. We will go to the breathtaking coast of the Atlantic to see true excitement and giant waves.The tour starts at Hotel at 08:30Entrance to the monuments: Mafra Palace 8€


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